The Causes of Cholera

In which John discusses cholera, its many causes, and why we aren’t hearing much about the cholera epidemic in Yemen, the worst outbreak of the disease since at least 1949. LEARN MORE:

The WHO’s overview of the crisis in Yemen, including coverage of malnutrition and cholera:

Save the Children’s coverage of the crisis in Yemen and their interventions:

UNICEF statement about the nearly two million children in Yemen experiencing acute malnourishment, which puts them at higher risk for cholera and other life threatening illnesses:

New York Times coverage of the outbreak and the healthcare workers who are going unpaid:

Some background on the war in Yemen (with a decidedly American slant) from the Atlantic:

Background on the Yemeni Civil War from al-jazeera:

Graphs in this video taken from the amazing our world in data: The Burden of Disease section is particularly helpful for looking at long term trends in health and disease:

Thanks to Rosianna Halse Rojas for help gathering research on this topic, and to Emma Luthi Price for suggesting the video.

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